overlap washi tape

overlap washi tape


Custom Own Patterns Overlap Roll

This is a revolutionary product that allows you to create your own professional design. Put a piece of paper in an overlapping roll and you can reuse your custom pattern in a few seconds! Our custom paper and tape are perfect for all your art and craft projects. You can use it for scrapbooks, gift packaging, Gift Labels, decorative journals and planners, decorative works of art, etc. With so many unique and interesting patterns to choose from, you will be able to create amazing designs that no one else can surpass!.

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Overlap Personal Washi Tape Manufacturer

The overlap personal wash tape is perfect for plowing out the folds in your clothes and protecting collars in the wash. The manufacturer of overlap personal wash tape is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. They produce their own series of paper and tape, which are durable, high-quality adhesive, completely waterproof and very easy to use. The paper tape itself is made of repositionable paper, so you can overlap the tape when needed.

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