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What is the difference between washi tape and deco tape?

What is the difference between washi tape and deco tape?

2023-07-20 16:18:45

When it comes to the world of decorative tapes, two popular options often come to mind: washi tape and deco tape. While they may appear similar at first glance, there are key differences that set them apart. In this blog post, we will delve into the characteristics, uses, and unique qualities of both washi tape and deco tape, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of each.

I. Understanding Washi Tape:


Custom Cmyk Printed Colorful Washi Tape


A. Definition and Origins:

1. Washi tape is a type of decorative adhesive tape made from traditional Japanese paper called washi.
2. Washi paper is derived from renewable plant fibers, such as bamboo or hemp.
3. The production process involves handcrafting and traditional techniques, resulting in a unique texture and appearance.

B. Characteristics and Features:

1. Washi tape is known for its semi-transparency, allowing for layering and creative effects.
2. It has a low-tack adhesive, making it easy to remove and reposition without leaving residue.
3. Washi tape comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs, catering to various artistic preferences.

C. Applications and Uses:

1. Washi tape is popular in crafts, scrapbooking, journaling, and gift wrapping.
2. It can be easily torn by hand, making it convenient for quick and precise application.
3. Washi tape is also used for adding decorative accents to home decor, stationery, and personal accessories.

II. Exploring Deco Tape:


A. Definition and Origins:

1. Deco tape, short for decorative tape, refers to a broader category of adhesive tapes used for decorative purposes.
2. Unlike washi tape, deco tape is not limited to traditional Japanese paper and can be made from various materials.

B. Characteristics and Features:

1. Deco tape often has a glossy or shiny finish, providing a vibrant and eye-catching appearance.
2. It typically has a stronger adhesive compared to washi tape, ensuring a more permanent bond.
3. Deco tape offers a wide array of designs, including patterns, characters, and themed motifs.

C. Applications and Uses:

1. Deco tape is commonly used for embellishing stationery, notebooks, and personal accessories.
2. It is favored in home decor projects, such as wall art, furniture accents, and DIY crafts.
3. Deco tape is also popular in the packaging industry, adding a touch of creativity to gift wrapping and product branding.


In summary, while both washi tape and deco tape serve as versatile decorative tools, they possess distinct characteristics and applications. Washi tape, with its traditional Japanese origins and unique texture, offers a semi-transparent and repositionable option for various crafts and creative projects. On the other hand, deco tape provides a glossy and more adhesive option, ideal for adding vibrant accents and permanent embellishments. As a leading supplier of high-quality washi tape, Craft Paperie is dedicated to providing a wide range of designs and patterns to inspire your creativity and elevate your crafting experience.

Discover the endless possibilities of washi tape with Craft Paperie’s extensive collection, featuring premium quality and exquisite designs. Elevate your crafting projects and explore the beauty of traditional Japanese paper crafts with us today.

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