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How to Choose the Right Notebook?

How to Choose the Right Notebook?

2022-06-24 16:26:31

When choosing a notebook, we usually choose from four aspects: cover, paper material, paper thickness and paper smoothness:




  1. Cover


I believe that the first thing most people pay attention to when buying Notepad is whether its cover is good-looking or not. The cover of a notebook is like a person's face, which determines whether it can attract us to buy it. For a senior face controller like me, the Notepad must have a beautiful cover.


  1. paper material


Commonly used for printing notebooks and notebooks, there are two kinds of paper materials, i.e. Beige Daolin paper and pure white pure wood pulp paper. The quality of these two kinds of paper is relatively good. There are imported paper from Japan and South Korea, and domestic paper with the best first-line brands such as sun 21 and Jindong. There will never be ink bleeding and color change over time.


  1. Thickness of paper


There are two commonly used thicknesses, 80g and 100g. G represents the thickness of the paper. 80g paper is a little thinner than 100g paper. It is about the same thickness as our usual writing paper. Both kinds of paper can be used as inner pages. The difference is that 80g paper is thinner, so the strokes will be softer and the writing experience will be more comfortable. The 100g paper is a bit stiff compared with the 80g paper, but it looks advanced and has its own advantages.


  1. Smoothness of paper


The smoothness of paper writing is very important, which has a lot to do with the paper making process. The surface of the paper must be smooth and smooth. Poor quality paper, writing with astringent feeling, and there are many miscellaneous points on the paper.


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